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We started the off 2023 ARCA Menards Series season searching for primary marketing partners and were unsuccessful in our search.

Greg Van Alst Motorsports put out a social media post that we were looking for partners for the first race of the season at Daytona International Speedway and thankfully, we had multiple companies and people reach out and support us on our Daytona winning dream weekend.


These people range from business owners, fellow racers, iRacing teams and individuals that
were interested in assisting with our efforts to get to Daytona. 


Long time supporter CB Fabricating is on board for the entire season once again but will only serve as a primary sponsor in a select amount of races and associate in all races.

As a small business owner I felt there was a need for a way for small business owners to
support a NASCAR team without being hounded and pushed.

I have a site through my fence company that allows our customers to receive a price without
leaving the comforts of their own home or office.

This created an idea for our team site. For a long time, there been a misconception of seeking marketing partners.

I have always been told not to tell a potential sponsor how much you are looking for. "What if
they were willing to give you more than you ask for?"

As a business owner one of my biggest peeves is when someone calls or emails me up and
pitches themselves and won’t tell me the cost.

Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but that’s just how I am wired. They tell you what they
want you to buy but want to bait you into some zoom call or meeting without giving you any
details on pricing.


Trying to think a little outside the box, this is why my team and I have created this page. It
shows up-front what partnership placements we have available and the pricing.
Now, keep in mind racing is a serious money spending sport. There is never enough in the
budget, can always find ways to spend more. We have put this together in hopes of finding
more partners that are willing to help on ANY level.

We have spots on the car that start at $250. If you want to help and only want to spend $100
let us know. We can make that happen as well. 

Each race has different price points because of the costs involved for us to race at each race


After our win at Daytona we have had multiple fans reach out asking how they could help. We created a spot where fans can Venmo or CashApp the team any support.

We feel that our sponsorship programs are less than other teams that we compete with. We
hope that our value is greater than others.

We are hoping to find some partners that we can bring in and create some lasting relationships with.

Greg Van Alst Motorsports has been racing since 1997 and are now Daytona Champions!



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